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With KBEWorks, new products are created in a fraction of the time normally required by designers while taking into accounts all specified design rules (replace parts, change dimensions, add parts and assemblies, modify mates, calculations, etc.) as numerous or complex as they may be. A well implemented KBEWorks system can reduce engineering costs, safeguard and leverage your intellectual property, reduce material waste, increase sales and improve quality of manufactured products.

Engineering Benefits
• Shorten design time
• Facilitate product optimisation
• Generate production drawings
• Automate repetitive design tasks
• Eliminate design errors
• Avoid loosing know-how


Sales benefits
• Reduce dependence on engineering
• On demand quoting
• Reduce quoting errors
• Quickly generate quotes
• Shorten sales cycle
• Greater accessibility through Internet


Enterprise benefits
• Shorten delays
• Reduce costs
• Differentiate yourselves with DTO
• Avoid the "Black Box" pitfall
• Easier system maintenance
Items to consider when setting up your ROI analysis

Engineering (A new configuration in 5 min instead of days...)
• Reduce or re-assign to other tasks your engineering resources
• Reduce engineering delays to increase the number of DTO projects
• Reduce training and set-up costs

(On-demand quoting)
• Generate quotes based on KBEWorks automated design.

(Shorter lead time)
• Spend less time writing proposals
• Spend more time meeting clients
• Hand-in the quote sooner than competitor, close more deals
• Increase business with Internet Access for Sales reps. / offices

(Avoid costly errors)
• Eliminate DTO related engineering / quoting errors

(Capture and protect your most valuable asset)
• Protect and leverage your designers and corporate know-how.
• Available on demand, 7/24

(KnowledgeGraph facilitates system maintenance)
• System maintenance is very costly with conventional tools
• Visual tools can significantly reduce maintenance cost
« No errors occur in drawings  thanks to automation with KBEWorks. »
Design Automation for SOLIDWORKS
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