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The people at Brandon Truck know that design automation helps reduce engineering cost, minimize waste of material, increase sales and ensure a better overall quality of manufactured products. Brandon heard from their SolidWorks reseller that VISIONKBE had developed a software framework that greatly facilitated building rule based automation applications (design, drafting, quoting, etc.) integrated with the 3D CAD model. With KBEWorks, a typical end user (designer, salesperson, estimator) can define a variation of an existing product in a fraction of the time it would take the engineering team using CAD in a traditional fashion while respecting all the design rules (insert such motor when load exceeds, change dimensions to accommodate new motor, adjust base plate, etc.) that are required as complex or numerous as the design requires.

KBEWorks frees precious technical resources from repetitive work that can then be used for more pressing projects such as improving the product and developing new ones. "We are always looking for ways to improve our design and manufacturing process and better respond to our client needs. Of all the automation tools we looked at, KBEWorks is the one that best answered our needs", says Pierre Laforce, director at Brandon Trucks.

KBEWorks has an intuitive graphic user environment integrated with SolidWorks. Combined with an easy to understand workflow, KBEWorks lets the people who know best the product, the designers, define and implement the rules and parameters needed for an automated Design To Order system. "KBEWorks knowledge management tools allow a SolidWorks designer to quickly modify and adapt the design rules of our automation according to changing design and manufacturing needs" adds Pierre Laforce.
KBEWorks compresses the entire configuration cycle (Design, drawing, quoting, manufacturing and quoting) from one week to fifteen minutes.
Based on previous experience, development & deployment of automated configuration system was shortened by a factor of five.
Maintenance of automated system is greatly simplified with KnowledGraph reducing long term maintenance cost.
The benefits
Support sheet metal nesting & cutting
Custom user form
The Challenge

Multiple models & options
Models 500+ components
User-defined forms, 80+ parameters
Connect to ERP
Reduce engineering time
Reduce drawing time
Update BOM's & Excel BOM’s
On demand quoting
Integration with manufacturing
Generate 3D models & drawings
Automated quoting
Fully SolidWorks compatible
Replace system programmed in VB

The solution

KBE Engineer
KBE Server
Design Automation for SOLIDWORKS
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