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KBEWorks products offer a rich set of features that will let you carry out your automation projects faster than with any other tools. It's beacause time is money that KBEWorks is the best choice.

Powerfull and easy to use KBE Sprint and KBEWorks Professional come with an advanced graphical user interface that helps you setup and manage the rules that drive your design automation system.  The rule editor provides user input validation and lets you test and debug your rules interactively in real time.

Setup Wizard Helps you build your project in 3 steps and a few minutes.
1. Select components (part or assemblies).
2.Capture SolidWorks features to be controled and define user inputs and rules that drive the feature. 
3. Build your project and let KBE create the User Form from the specifications you just entered.

User Form Assistant KBEWorks will help you create a new user form with data validation in a few minutes. Because the form is in standard HTML, you can customized with any HTML editor.

Project Manager Project Manager for your new models allows you to view drawings and 3D models and generates an operations log to help you document your new product configurations.

Automated Drafting Because DTO manufacturers now spend much more time drafting than designing, KBEWorks provides drafting automation for multiple drawings with automatic resizing and positioning.

Quoting Because you have access to model and its data, you can set up an automated quoting system and generate reports. With KBE Quote, available with KBE Professional and Sprint, your can generate BOM's and quotes independently of the CAD model using only the automation rules. Intranet online quoting and product configuration are available through KBE Enterprise and can be tried out immediately.

Top-Down design and Bottom-Up Because KBEWorks supports both design methods you will be able to automate your existing models without having to carry out extensive modifications.

Subprojects Being able to reuse previous automation projects to build new ones is a terrefic time saver.  Payback just got a lot quicker thanks to subprojects.
"We just wanted to let you know that we tested your newest version and it's exactly what we needed. We are very happy, keep up the good work."

P-A Mongeon, Eng., automation specialist working with KBEWorks.
Design Automation for SOLIDWORKS
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