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VISIONKBE's technical staff  helped us get our first automation project up and running quickly. The experience helped us greatly when we carried out automation by ourselves on the rest of our products.    IT manager.

Get comprehensive services from an experienced team of professionals to ensure the successful design, implementation and maintenance of your KBEWorks solutions.  We will help you capture your engineering rules and show you how to use the application.  If required, we can also develop a complete ‘turnkey’ KBEWorks application, deliver, install and train users in its use and upkeep.

We recognize your individual needs and priorities and offer you a variety of services that are designed to match your needs.  VISIONKBE provides a variety of implementation options to meet your specific requirements and budget.  The options fall into these two categories:

A) Helping Customers create their own KBEWorks design automation system
One of the best options for you to get the most out of KBEWorks is to learn how to use the system and then, with our assistance, you can easily capture design rules and integrate your own processes.  You will be able to manage the system so, if your design rules or business processes change in the future, you will have the skills to modify the system accordingly.  Typically, with this option you would undertake a two day KBEWorks training course.  VISIONKBE will provide assistance during the system development to ensure that your KBEWorks project is completed in a timely manner.

B) VISIONKBE creates and delivers your KBEWorks design automation system
The other main option you can choose is for VISIONKBE to develop a complete ‘turnkey’ KBEWorks application, deliver, install and train your users in its use and upkeep.  Completion time will depend on the complexity and scope of your KBEWorks project.  VISIONKBE will provide a quote for your design automation project.  KBEWorks system services available within a project scope are:

• SolidWorks model, assembly, drawing creation to support the KBEWorks application
• Data table creation either in Excel or Access or SQL to support the application
• KBEWorks application development (your design rules)
• Macro/custom programming services
• Business system integration (seamless bidirectional communication between the ERP and KBEWorks)
• Create data validating custom user forms
• Install and configure server based or web based enterprise solutions

The advantage of option (B) is that VISIONKBE provides a completed project and will save you the distractions of trying to maintain your day to day business operations.  Whichever option you choose, VISIONKBE will be able to help you with the development and delivery of your design automation system.

Design Automation for SOLIDWORKS
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