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KBEWorks Professional - powerfull toolset

KBEWorks Professional offers some of the most powerful
design automation tools on the market today.

Encapsulate the know-how needed to automate your DTO process. Includes tools to create rules, generate 3D models, drawings, engineering reports, quotes, html user forms, link to numerous databases, link to Excel, run SW macros, control instances, manage projects, reuse of existing automation projets, support for Top-Down & Bottom-Up methodologies, control multiple sets of models in a single project, link DLL's, execute external programs and more.

SolidWorks designers without software programming knowledge are able to define the rules that define their product and implement the design automation process.
Define the logic for automation with a full set of tools and features.
KBEWorks Visual user interface shortens the learning curve and increases productivity.
Visually controll parts, actions, rules, sub-projects, etc.
Wizzards are available to get your projects up and running quickly.
Design Automation for SOLIDWORKS
Ph. (450) 449-2525