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Machinex Industries

To shorten lengthy lead times for Design-Engineer to Order (DTO-ETO) deliverables, Machinex conducted a comprehensive 12 month search for a commercial solution able to address their needs. They selected KBEWorks because it could meet the challenge. That was two years ago and the implementation plan for KBEWorks has  been extended to address more products. KBEWors automation will streamline custom product configuration and manufacturing at Machinex.

KBEWorks is used by Machinex to automate complex engineering processes associated with Machinex DTO-ETO operations. This includes knowledge capture, automation of 3D models, complex drawings, bills of materials and ERP integration.

VISIONKBE provides a cost-effective solutuin for product configuration on non-standard segments of Machinex machines, an important segment of their business. KBEWorks' flexible process automation environment is the ideal solution to help Machinex meet increasing customer demand while keeping costs low and responsiveness high.

KBEWorks integration with SolidWorks® 3D mechanical design software, SigmaNEST ® manufacturing software and with Vantage ERP allows Machinex to benefit from the advantages of an integrated design and manufacturing environment.

VISIONKBE's rule driven product configuration and management approach is  complementary to SolidWorks. KBEWorks is a logical choice for Design-Engineer to Order (DETO) manufacturers looking to drive even more value from their design and manufacturing software investments, as its automation capabilities can significantly reduce the time and effort needed for custom product engineering.
Modeling conveyor with KBEWorks
Machinex recycling plant
The Challenge
• Multiple models & options
• Models 1000+ components

• Communicate with ERP
• Reduce engineering time
• Reduce drawings time
• Complex manufacturing process

The Solution
• ERP integration (read & write)

• Manufacturing integration
• Control over production drawings
• Prepare Engineering reports
• Generate cutting scripts

The Benefits
KBEWorks compresses the entire configuration cycle (Design, drawing, quoting, manufacturing and quoting) from one week to fifteen minutes.
Replaces Basic language program too difficult and expensive to maintain.
Maintenance of automated system is greatly simplified with KnowledGraph reducing long term maintenance cost.
Design Automation for SOLIDWORKS
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