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Markets we serve

KBEWorks provides SolidWorks users a powerfull rule-based automation solution for all aspects of product configuration (design, quoting, sales, documentation and manufacturing). Below is a partial list of industries that can benefit from KBEWorks:

Industrial Equipment
Bearings, blowers, fans, furnaces, compressors, gears, oil & gas equipment, tanks, tool & die, pipes, pumps, valves...

Building products
Doors, elevators, moving stairways, screens, shutters, stairs, sunrooms, trusses, windows…

Heavy Equipment
Buckets, cranes, conveyors, elevators, farm machinery, forklifts, hoists, loaders, monorails, trailers, turbines...

Specialty Equipment
Refrigeration, medical devices, inflatable boats, instrumentation, furniture, cabinets, partitions...

Aircraft, accessories, bodies, bus, parts, railroad, specialized vehicles, tractors, trailers, trucks…
Interested in determining the strategic impact of a rule based product configurator on your busines? Have a look at our assessments services.
Design Automation for SOLIDWORKS
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