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NRC Industries

Transmit production drawings and work orders to the shop floor in a fraction of the time it used to take.

For more than 30 years, NRC has invested all of its know-how and energy into building the best towing equipment on the market. At NRC, every piece of equipment is custom-made according to the client’s recommendations and with the numerous options offered by NRC.

NRC Industries decided to implement Design To Order processes on KBEWorks because of the quick learning curve and ability to generate both new SolidWorks 3D models and corresponding work orders for SigmaNEST sheet metal cutting Software. KBEWorks ability to adapt to NRC’s design, manufacturing and management process while remaining flexible represents a major advantage. "KBEWorks allows NRC to automate and manage new assemblies and transmit production drawings and work orders to the shop floor in records time", says Normand Caron, director of Engineering at NRC Industries.

An easy to learn software for designers, KBEWorks allows non-programmers to setup a rule-based product configuration system that follows design and production logic.
Multiple models & options
Models 200+ components
User-defined parameters 20+
Reduce engineering time
Reduce drawing time
Upgrade data files from of Excel
Communicate with manufacturing
Optimize each configuration
Manufacturing integration
Automate drawing production
Update Excel BOM’s
Prepare Engineering reports
Generate cutting scripts
Quickly produce configurations
90% less time to prepare production drawings.
Helps manufacture customs models, with tens of thousands of possibilities, in minutes.
KBEWorks Automation leverages the power of SolidWorks and SigmaNEST.
The challenge
The solution
The benefits
NRC KBEWorks project
NRC 10 000 Carrier
"KBEWorks allows us to easily automate product configuration and quickly fulfill client requirements."

H Ballard, Designer, NRC Industries
Design Automation for SOLIDWORKS
Ph. (450) 449-2525