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Training can make a big difference to your design productivity. With our proven training delivery methods, we can provide you with the style of training that suits your needs so that you can get the most out of your software investment.  Get Essential or Advanced training from a certified instructor either on-site at your company, at our training facilities, or over the web.

Essentials - 1 day
Prerequisite: Students must be trained in SolidWorks and have a thorough knowledge of their product.  For those who are using KBE Sprint or KBE Professional.  Student will learn how to write rules to automate repetitive tasks.

Advanced Automation - 1 day
Prerequisite: Student must master KBE Sprint or KBE Professional.  For those who are using KBE Sprint or KBE Professional. Student will learn how to carry out advanced automation.

Integration with Databases - 1 day
Prerequisite: KBE Professional users who master Essentials and have a working knowledge of MS SQL or MS Access.  A working knowledge of Excel is also required.  Student will learn how to setup an automation process in KBEWorks using data from a database and Excel.

Implementing & Managing the KBE Server - 1 day
Prerequisite: for those who will manage the KBE Server.  KBEWorks Essentials.  Students will learn how to install and manage KBEWorks Server.

Online training
VISIONKBE is dedicated to provide customers with the best instructor led training experience.  Now, for the first time, our instructor led training is available live over the web.  Allowing you to interact with an instructor without having to leave your office.

Training is not recorded and is delivered by a live instructor, 30-minutes of Q & A is included with each session.
The training sessions are short, only two hours a day allowing you time to get on with your work.  You just need a phone and a computer with internet access.  You will help save the environment by choosing to take this type of training as no travel is required to attend the class, and paper based manuals are not printed.
KBEWorks training I received got me up and running in no time. Without a doubt, this was an excellent investment for me and my company.
Design engineer and user of KBEWorks
I found this intro course to KBEWorks very informative The training is top-notch
Design engineer and user of KBEWorks
Design Automation for SOLIDWORKS
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